A recent survey of American adults found that 76% worried about becoming ill if they had to stay home and take care of the sick during a severe flu pandemic.1
  Learn infection control measures. 


Setting up a Sick Room

Wash hands for 15 seconds with soap and water

infection prevention

Cover a cough or sneeze with tissue

prevent infection
Pandemic Flu Home Care: A Detailed Guide for Caring for the Ill at Home

How to Use This e-Book

What is a Pandemic?

  • Historical Influenza Pandemics
  • How an Influenza Virus Becomes a Pandemic
  • The Example of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
  • Pandemic Plans and Resources

Preventing Illness

  • Health Promotion Activities
  • Disease Prevention Activities
  • Other Helpful Websites and Resources

Signs and Symptoms and How to Manage Them During an Influenza Pandemic

  • Why you Need to Prepare to Care for the Sick at Home
  • What is Influenza?
  • Mild, Moderate and Severe Symptoms in Adults and How to Manage Them During an Influenza Pandemic
  • Mild, Moderate and Severe Symptoms in Children and How to Manage Them During an Influenza Pandemic

Care of the Sick at Home

Creating Communities of Care

  • A History of Community of Care
  • 6 Steps to Forming a Community of Care
  • Why Planning Ahead is Critical

Death and Dying

  • Signs of Impending Death
  • How to Take Care of the Dying
  • Knowing When the Person Has Died
  • What to Do After the Person Has Died
  • How to Take Care of Family Members
  • Helpful Resources

When Disaster Strikes: Coping With Stress

Emergency Supplies

  • Water Storage and Disinfection
  • Food
  • Other Emergency Items
  • Preparing to Prepare


Appendix A: Daily Fluid Needs 

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Daily Fluid Needs for the Sick
  • How do I Know How Much the Sick Person is Drinking?

Appendix B: Log for Monitoring the Sick Person

Appendix C: Establishing Communities of Care

Appendix D: Emergency Resources



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